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Innersight LLC provides counseling to both children and adults.  Our counselors have extensive experience and training along with professional licensure.

We work with many mental health issues, including but not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, PTSD/Trauma, Adjustment Disorder, Grief and Loss, Social Skills, Stress Management and Relationship Stressors.

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Emily Pittman, LCSW
My name is Emily Pittman, I am the owner and founder of Innersight LLC. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 26 years of experience. I am certified in TF-CBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy). I work with a wide range of mental health diagnosis including but not limited to : PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorder, ADHD and ODD. Innersight was founded on the goal of providing high level quality care in our community. Innersight consists of 20 highly trained, motivated and committed therapists and 3 CRNP for medication management and evaluations.

What our clients are saying…

Christy T.

Innersight is amazing! I started to see Emily after my sister had been seeing her for a year. In the last five months I’ve accomplished more than I did in the last three years with my previous therapist. She’s helped me find new treatments that have worked amazingly for my health. I also love that she has a therapy animal in our sessions. Piper is the sweetest, most gentle dog you’ll ever meet. And if you’re a dog lover, like me, it’ll make your sessions more natural and relaxed vs stuffy and uncomfortable. Give them a call you won’t regret it!

– Christy T. –

Janelle C.

This group is phenomenal. From children to adults, there is a fit for everyone. The staff is diligent, compassionate and empathetic. I can recommend this group first hand and as a patient family.

– Jannelle C. –

Nicole S.

My 7 year old daughter has been seeing Emily for almost a year now and I couldn’t have found someone better for her. She gets so excited to go to every appointment. Emily is very warming, happy, and fun therapist. I highly recommend especially for kids!!!! Wish I could rate more than 5 stars!

– Nicole S. – 

Davina S.

Emily is caring, concerned, wonderful women who has truly made a difference in my kids lives. She was my children’s first therapist and none have compared (temporary switch was big mistake) that’s why we’re back with her. She has a way to understand and help children with any and all situations. My family is truly blessed to have her in our lives. She will do anything she can to help in any situation. She is one of a kind and her patients are lucky to have her and her amazing support.

– Davina S. –

Doug H.

Emily is an amazing therapist! She is very understanding, non judgemental, and supportive. I would highly recommend that anyone seeking help with mental health give her a call as she has really helped me tremendously!

– Doug H. – 

Lindsey M.

Emily has helped me through a lot and she has never given up on me. I highly recommend her.

– Lindsey M. –

Kristin F.

Miss Emily has been so wonderful in helping our daughter manage her anxiety. In just a few short weeks we have seen major changes in our 4 year old. She even will tell us “Im doing what Miss Emily says.” I definitely recommend Emily if your child is struggling with anxiety and you’re feeling helpless. My daughter looks forward to her visits with Miss Emily and can never wait another week to see her again!

– Kristin F. –

Jen B.

Wonderful, caring, attentive staff – highly recommended!

– Jen B. – 

Meet Piper

Piper is our therepy dog and a favorite of many of our clients.
She is always happy to greet you with a wagging tail. Piper is only at the office and in session under Emily Pittman, LCSW.

Meet Baymax

Baymax is a 6 year old Shetland Sheepdog who is a certified therapy dog. He loves to do tricks, chase a ball, help Kristy with artmaking, learn new things, and bring love and laughter to those who need it most. Baymax will begin helping Kristy with creative workshops, with events in the community, and to visit those coming to our offices. 

Innersight in the Community